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Logo and Brand

Our logo is available for print and web articles about this service, provided it is used in unaltered form.

Download the media pack in a zip file.

About Memory Merge

Memory Merge makes it easy for everybody at an event to create and share the story of the day.

We provide an accessible and intuitive service for non-technical people to contribute their photos and memories without the hassle of social networking or joining yet another site. Your story is accessible only to those with whom you have chosen to share, creating a temporal private space.

When it's easy for a large group to contribute, you get more content, and as the story builds, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

James Rutherford

James Rutherford worked on two international best selling games before establishing himself as a specialist in visual design and web development. He brings expertise in game mechanics and user experience.

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Oli Wood

Oli Wood learnt to read on a ZX Spectrum, listening to Radio4. Nothing much has changed. Previously he worked for a start up, was digital lead for a marketing company and ran configuration management and deployment for a £70million government project.

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Memory Merge in the media

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